A Break

Hey there; I’ve been on a short break. I’ll actually be on a an extended break for about a month as I figure some things out. I prefer writing when I have the inspiration from within – from the Ruach. But now I’m convicted to go on a break for a while. I owe it…… Continue reading A Break


Why are you reading this? Take a moment and think about it. Why have you been reading this? Is it to affirm something you already know? Do you read this to validate a particular idea you’ve had or invalidate someone else’s? Why do you read this? Why do we do the things we do? I…… Continue reading WHYY???

YAH Got This

Today, I have a word of encouragement for the wise. Keep moving on. The same trials you are going through are the very same trials the brethren around the world are. Do not be blinded by your failures. DO not stop before you finish the race. The race is not for the faint-hearted. The battle…… Continue reading YAH Got This